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Women should not settle for mediocrity

From the time you start a conversation with her to the very last statement, Edna will be wearing a full smile on her face. 

She advocates for self-love, for there is no way one can love others without loving themselves and being courageous. 

Life has taught Nakajugo Edna Margaret, to always pick herself up whenever she falls, patting herself on the back and whispering; “At least you tried.“ 

Success of every woman should be inspirational

Gift Mbabazi, a joyful person, who derives some of her joy from surrounding herself with people who have positive energy is a graduate of Makerere University with a Bachelor's degree in Community Psychology. 

In recognition of a woman for the month of March, Mbabazi vouches for Maggie Kigozi, whom she says has shown with great effort and competence, that a woman can achieve everything that she sets out to, as long as they have the right mindset and look at things differently. 

Women’s Day: How far women have come

We are wondering why she has these many names but where she hails from, the more names you have, the more important you’re to society. 

Patting herself for the many names, Nordreen Mbekeka Luck Luwalala, growing up with eight (8) names, with only 4 fitting on her official documents, cites the Kabaka(King) of Buganda for his many names too.

Normally, it is “hard” for ladies to share their age, but she is proud to be forty-one (41) years old and a mother.

“Five weeks later, my life has completely changed! I can code”.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Kyambogo University over 7 years ago. Finding a job was quite hard because there was not much I could do with the skills I’d gained.

Currently, I am a teacher of Computer literacy at a Primary School in Nansana but I’ve always wanted to be more than this. I have always dreamed of being a programmer. I tried self teaching but it was quite frustrating. I felt like I would learn better with people.

Up Accelerate spotlight: Solomon Kahuma

Solomon Kahuma is a software developer on the DrugDash team. DrugDash is supporting health workers and regional health offices to see and understand the data on drug and health supplies stock levels so as to better understand consumption trends. Below, Solomon Kahuma shares his journey through our Up Accelerate program, and what that means for him.

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