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We design and develop technology solutions that enable organisations accelerate social impact.

We leverage the talent and resources within our community to support organisations that seek to build technology tools to improve their work on social good. This includes digital transformation, user centered design principles and custom software development. The labs offers an opportunity for an organisation to leverage the best of Outbox’s resources, while tapping into our social entrepreneurship initiatives. We believe in using our skills and talent to support tech for social good.


  • Hire top talent: Get the best of our community resources deliver on your projects. Through our EDU initiative, our students receive intensive learning opportunities that turns them into a work-force ready graduates.

  • The best of Outbox resources: Leverage our vast experience through our partnerships with the best global tech organisations and development organisations. This could be on new technologies or approaches on your digital strategy. There is an opportunity to merge our entrepreneurship efforts with your digital efforts

  • Visibility: Let our community be your ambassadors for your tech for social good initiatives. Leverage our 10,000+ strong community to evangelise your product, creating a community of evangelists and early users.


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