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Women should not settle for mediocrity

How have you supported a fellow woman in your community, be it at the workplace, at home, or on your way home?

Nakajugo Edna Margaret

From the time you start a conversation with her to the very last statement, Edna will be wearing a full smile on her face. 

She advocates for self-love, for there is no way one can love others without loving themselves and being courageous. 

Life has taught Nakajugo Edna Margaret, to always pick herself up whenever she falls, patting herself on the back and whispering; “At least you tried.“ 

The Associate instructor under our Outbox EDU program  understands Women’s Day/month, it is the day where women all over the world are celebrated, get to meet up, and share ideas on how they can support each other.

“When people(women) help or lift each other up, it creates an environment where even the most disadvantaged are allowed to thrive. In such a community, each person is seen and taken to be of value,” says the lover of animations. 

Movie, book, series’ recommendation 

“The princess and the frog, the lesson learned is that we all have big dreams, but it’s the hard work and the goals we set for ourselves that we will successfully achieve those dreams.”

She recognizes Michelle Obama, former First Lady of the United States, who stands for equality for all-girls, and education through the Girls Opportunity Alliance. 

On encouraging more women to join tech, mentorship is one of the underestimated techniques that Edna believes that if women are provided with proficient mentors to guide and discuss ideas with, then the tech world would be full of women.

QN: What question would you like to ask fellow women out there that you think needs to be addressed?

ANS: How have you supported a fellow woman in your community, be it at the workplace, at home, or on your way home?

You win yourself space in Ednah’s bad books if you are disrespectful of people’s values, you discriminate against others by their physical appearance, and the way they dress or talk.

Last word from Edna: Do not settle for mediocrity!


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