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Coding my way into a future of ‘weird technology’

“I'M CODING,” said her sibling, something that puzzled her. She always thought that coding only happened in the movies. 

Maria Tuhirirwe started her “serious” coding career in April 2021 with the EDU classes after failing to get a balance between normal school studies in Senior three (S3) and coding, way back in 2018. 

Her zeal for becoming an inventor compared to Law and Medicine professions that her friends always dreamed of drew her interest in the direction of coding. 

Why your business needs an online presence

 "I was using marketers who were moving to look for clients," says Andrew, whom the pandemic pushed in the direction of changing strategy to online marketing from physical marketing.

The need to solve certain challenges has seen founders, entrepreneurs and the youth garner their skills with solutions. For many, business was normal until the pandemic forced a shift into how operations would be.

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