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Why your business needs an online presence

Digital should be the way to go for businesses

Shelby Mugoya who runs Sensation Uganda, explains the need for digital platforms for businesses

 "I was using marketers who were moving to look for clients," says Andrew, whom the pandemic pushed in the direction of changing strategy to online marketing from physical marketing.

The need to solve certain challenges has seen founders, entrepreneurs and the youth garner their skills with solutions. For many, business was normal until the pandemic forced a shift into how operations would be.

"Does one remain in business, do you, with pain, watch your business collapse, or will you do all it takes to save your income source?" are the questions you should ask yourself moving on. 


Andrew and Ritah Mukuve, of Byayi creations
Andrew and Ritah Mukuve of Byayi Creations 


The truth is many businesses never saw the light of day during and after the lockdown, while many were forced to change business models for survival.  

For many, Outbox's EDU E-Business skills came in to provide a ray of hope with the different E-Business strategies the classes offered. By the time you're done watching these testimonies, we are sure that you will also make a decision to sign up for our classes. YOU WON'T REGRET! (Apply here)

We have had several testimonies from entrepreneurs who have attended our Digital Marketing Skills Classes and how their businesses profited from marketing on the different online platforms.

Shelby Mugoya runs an E-Commerce platform called Sensation Uganda which provides products that cater to women, including makeup, sanitary products and skincare products among others.


Sensation Uganda's Shelby Mugoya
Sensation Uganda's Shelby Mugoya


The need for the Ugandan woman who wanted to access genuine and authentic products in a timely and convenient manner, explains the gap that Mugoya stepped in to bridge.

Sensation Uganda's biggest platform is social media, with the most customers coming from Instagram.

In addition to the knowledge she acquired from our classes, partnering with influencers as well as bloggers to market her products, Mugoya got into the realization to look inwardly as a business.

Digital should be the way to go for businesses

Kelvin Ngure, owner of Paken Nyama Choma Point deals in African foods, apart from that, he owns Paken Business solutions, which deals in carpets, towels, bedcovers and other commodities used in the bedroom.


Kelvin Ngure, owner of Paken Nyama Choma Point
Kelvin Ngure, owner of Paken Nyama Choma Point


Motivated by the need to empower young people, Andrew and Ritah Mukuve started using banana fibres as their main raw materials to make durable, unique, and beautiful and eco-friendly pieces that replace all plastic items in homes and offices, through Byayi Creations.

Contented with a target market of tourists before the pandemic, Byayi Creations changed their business model after tourism was also placed on halt.

The E-Business course offered by Outbox EDU opened the eyes of Byayi Creations, who acquired knowledge in social media and online marketing.

On the other hand, Sensation Uganda's Mugoya was excited to meet other women doing business in Uganda, during Outbox’s programme which catered for women entrepreneurs. Our classes gave her hope that the world would open up, which also made her look at the future growth of the business even after the pandemic.

Byayi Creations’ Andrew said he needed an external force and experience in his business, to teach him what he didn't know in terms of marketing and running a business online and on ground.  The Outbox E-Business Skills class was a plus for him.


The Outbox E-Business Skills class was a plus for Byayi creations
The Outbox E-Business Skills class was a plus for Byayi creations


Tools like Slack, and Google my Business among others, boosted the way the entrepreneurs are doing business post the lockdown.

"Currently, we usually have over forty (40), people searching for our business and checking out our products every week," says one of the entrepreneurs who has benefited from our classes.

Entrepreneurs will acquire skills and tools to help them improve sales, market their businesses, and build their online presence.

Our EDU Basic E-Business Skills are focused on equipping small and micro business founders with business and technology that can create new business opportunities, models or ways of doing business.

We also empower you with knowledge in terms of Business and operations, branding and identity, and marketing and identity.

Now that you have the power to start, from preparation to the actual business work stage until your product reaches the final destination or market, is a journey that our Outbox EDU E-Business Skills class walks with you.

Apply here -  for our class which starts 9th March 2021.


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