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Women should be valued, recognized, and respected

Vivian advises women to lift each other up because that way, a nation is being lifted up.

Vivian Solome is the Administrative Coordinator at Outbox

She is the first face you will see after turning the doorknob to enter our premises. Smiling from ear to ear, she will welcome you to Outbox and take down your details. 

The artist who is so passionate about design is fascinated by the feel of fabrics, which she creatively plays around with, to make unique designs. 

Her love for fashion is showcased in the way she puts together her pieces of clothing. 

Vivian Solome is the Administrative Coordinator at Outbox, who is always ready to welcome our guests and clients for any logistics-related work. 

Vivian asserts that women deserve to be valued, recognized, and respected. Celebrating Women’s Day gives women a sense of recognition from the world, for their achievements since ladies are raised to be inferior. “This makes them feel empowered to do anything,” she says.

In recognition, she forwards Nakaddu Hilda, a lady who passionately paints and loves art, using it to empower the young generation. Nakaddu challenges Vivian to do the same with her work.

Asked how women should be encouraged to join tech, this is what Vivian has to say; More women should be encouraged to use marketing software for their businesses. Covid 19 has affected an economy that will need time for it to rise again. 

“Tech-based businesses accessed more clients because it was faster for the owners to communicate with their customers and easier for the customers to make informed decisions,” she says.

 During her free time, you might meet Vivian anywhere near water, swimming, or your podcasts might be on the waves in her ears. Meanwhile, she generally hates messy things. 

Here is more from Vivian

QN: Passing on the same to other women, what advice have you picked from another woman, that empowered you?

ANS: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It’s our light, not darkness that most frightens us,” Marriage Williamson.  

Life has taught Vivian that what’s meant for one will come to you and no matter the time, place, or situation it will find you.

Vivian advises women to lift each other up because that way, a nation is being lifted up.

QN: What question would you like to ask fellow women out there that you think needs to be addressed?
ANS: Well, ladies, why is it so hard for us to walk away from toxic relationships than it is from our careers? 

Movie, book, and series recommendations 

  1. Girls' Trip: It never gets old. In the movie, Vivian loves the entire friendship and sisterhood between ReginaHall and the girls. “It literally defines why women need each other.

  2. “ The Smart Money Woman,” is a book she wishes we all read. The book taught her the importance of being a financially independent woman.

QN: What’s that one app you have on your phone, never use but you will still not delete. 
ANS: “Messenger, I look at it and ask myself why I still have it on and eventually never delete it.”

QN: There are gentlemen out there doing a great job in regards to women and having safe spaces for them. Please recognize and appreciate one of the so many.

ANS: “Richard Zulu, my boss,” she says, adding that seeing Zulu work with a team of women in tech and giving opportunities to young women is very empowering. 


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