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Four ways to stay online despite a social media blackout

There are ways in which businesses can stay online and keep engagement with clients without using social media.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Many businesses in Uganda have found their trying moment in marketing what they offer ever since the social media blackout was imposed. Most businesses have found it extremely challenging to engage with their customers online; thus, leading to a drop in sales.

However, there are ways in which businesses can stay online and keep engagement with clients without using social media. Below are four ways it can be done.

  1. Email marketing
    Engaging with customers through email has proved useful since the dawn of email services. Sharing consistent, well polished and tailored content with your current customer base keeps them in the loop with what the business has to offer. One can take advantage of online tools like mail chimp to make this strategy effective.
  2. Creating own web platform
    Only having a web platform where one can buy your product will not cut it. Giving your platform a social look and feel (where your customers can sign up, give feedback about the products through comments) can go a long way
  3. Using online tools to gather customer feedback
    One proven way of gathering customer feedback is using surveys. The advantage of this strategy is that there are many platforms that allow you to do this for free. An example is Google Forms.
    Be careful though, bombarding people with many surveys can prove to be annoying, so it’s best advised to control the number of surveys sent.
  4. Blogging
    You can use blogging to share your expertise in your field; thus, establishing yourself as an expert in your domain. This kind of strategy is most useful for service-based businesses.
    One can take advantage of online platforms like medium to create blogs.


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