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Create strong support systems for women to join tech

Jane's passion for tech is evident in the way she supports other women to take up their place in tech.

Jane Zalwango is the Associate Instructor at Outbox

Passionate about technology, Jane Zalwango is the Associate Instructor at Outbox, whose job entails facilitating students interested in venturing into programming.

The lover of nature defines women’s day/month, as a time the world gets to appreciate women from different walks of life and all the struggles they go through to be where they are in life.

“Be yourself and be you. The world has seen it all, so they would want to see the uniqueness in YOU,” says the globe trotter, who has learnt from life’s experiences to be polite but also use her voice. 

Asked about an issue that she would like to see discussed in women spaces, Jane asks what women are doing to help other women be better! “This could be a friend in your life close or distant,” she says. 

Jane's passion for tech is evident in the way she supports other women to take up their place in tech, an inspiration she picked from Angella Mirembe Ssemwogere, Founder of Coding in heels, a Social Enterprise that focuses on inspiring Girls and Women to embrace Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), with her focus on technology.

She believes that creating a strong support system where everyone feels like they can learn openly and use their voices freely, is one of the many ways in which more women can join tech. 

In another angle

QN: Recommend a movie or series, book and a lesson you picked from any of them. 

ANS: My movie would be Little because of the lessons in it. Be yourself and be humble.

QN: What’s that one app you have on your phone, never use but you will still not delete. 

ANS: Tiktok


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