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Venture Development learning associate

Job Description

Our job is to bring together the infrastructure, people, knowledge and capital that supports African Entrepreneurs through the growth of inclusive communities that foster talent and create value where we operate. We take a deliberate approach to how we support Small and Growing businesses, by differentiating our programs based on their unique needs, walking the lonely entrepreneurship journey with them, and capturing our learnings for the benefit of the next entrepreneur we might meet. 

We have the best learning communities in the startup ecosystem in Uganda and utilize that competency to distribute our expertise beyond our walls. We strongly believe in the potential of technology to provide an unfair advantage to any business when used for good, and as such focus on supporting digital entrepreneurs first. 

Over the last seven (7) years, we have brought together the best people, companies, Government and knowledge (best practice) for our entrepreneurs to succeed – which is why we believe we are best placed to guide our ecosystem forward.


As a learning associate, you are responsible for the learning experience of our members and corporate partners by designing and imparting not only the hard but also soft skills on how modern approaches to venture design can be used in the development of innovative businesses, products or services.
The primary emphasis of the role is to lead the delivery of high-quality small business programs that are responsive to the needs of our members including designing, implementing and evaluating training programs including curriculum, instructional materials and instructor training (pedagogy approaches) and topical trainings. You will be required to travel at-least 50% of the time to support our programming in Northern Uganda.

Core responsibilities

•    Develop and implement a knowledge and learning strategy and action plan with clear goals, targets and indicators for the various programs supporting young innovators and entrepreneurs; 
•    Develop and deliver training to members and clients (corporates) utilizing the set trainer model to expand capacity;
•    Monitor member and client feedback and maintain a commitment to continual program improvement and high levels of client satisfaction;
•    Facilitate the effective management of all training programs according to the organization’s standards
•    Develop content for learning courses and learning paths on entrepreneurship for our clients in close collaboration with the stakeholders;
•    Develop and actively monitor work plans to deliver the hours required to meet requirements as well as client training needs;
•    Research, identify and document experiences, lessons learned and good practices to guide improvements, strategic planning, advocacy and communication;

Job qualifications

Minimum qualifications
•    A Bachelor’s degree in business, psychology, Social Works or related field;
•    At-least 3 years work experience in a similar role or organisation;
•    Experience with using modern digital tools for documentation, include G-suite, Slack, Trello, etc

Preferred qualifications
•    Experience developing curriculum, content and delivery approaches in entrepreneurship or other skills-building initiative;
•    Experience facilitating learning experiences;
•    Experience with facilitating modern venture design practices that include human-centred design and lean startup principles;
•    Ability to speak other local languages that might include Luganda, Lugbara, Madi, Kakwa

Date of Expiry

Location (Town, District, Country)




How to Apply

Please email with the following:

  • Your Curriculum Vitae or a link to your linkedIn profile
  • A cover letter indicating why you are the best person for the job
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