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This is the backstory on how Teheca a tech start up in health is providing its services to mothers (expectant and new) amid new security measures against COVID-19

At this time, very little is known about the COVID-19 and its effect particularly on pregnant women and infants. There are currently no recommendations specific to pregnant women regarding the evaluation or management of the virus.

With antenatal classes canceled, doctor’s offices closing and restrictions on non-patients, such as fathers, Covid-19 has added a whole new level of anxiety to most pregnant mothers. 

Amidst all the uncertainty, Teheca believes that it is the source of calm for expectant mothers registered to their application. Teheca is an application that helps connect new and expectant mothers to nurses for in-home postnatal care services and support while creating employment opportunities for nurses. 

“I never imagined that there would be a pandemic that would literally push new and expectant mothers to use our application. In line with the Ministry of Health guidelines that encourage social distancing, mothers subscribed under our app have access to postnatal information from other mothers around Africa as well as Ugandan nurses. This works as online consultation.“ the founder of Teheca, Daniel Ruyonga. 

Daniel reckons that if at any time in the the near future their current nurse base is empowered with the tools and training to conduct comprehensive checkups and collects samples on COVID-19, with their android app anyone at least in the central region can be able to request for an in-home checkup, if required collect samples and deliver them to MOH hubs, and later results can be sent via the app or SMS. 

With hospitals and doctors’ offices adopting different policies individually, and news about the pandemic’s effects changing by the hour, Teheca is closely looking out for information that will benefit pregnant women, new mothers, and infants inline with the virus and sharing it through our in-app parent's forum. 

“We want mothers to know that they can rely on the Teheca app forum to find maternal centered health care information and best care practices during this pandemic, above all allow mothers and parents to exchange the experience and what they are doing to protect themselves with other parents.

Of course, all their services are still available for mothers and door delivery of mama kits for mothers is one of the greatest benefits, more than ever they believe pregnant women need to be very prepared with all the essentials they need and Teheca is here to help.


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The Teheca Mama Kit



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