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Check out some more information about job linkage programme that we started under the Outbox EDU iniative.

We started the @OutboxEDU Connect program with the sole purpose of linking as many young Ugandan professionals as possible to employment opportunities out there. Not only do we connect you to a job opportunity but we also offer you guidance to make sure you get the job.

We understand that getting your dream job might not be an easy process and we are here to help you! Picking a job that interests you, having an outstanding resume and cover letter is just the beginning. You need to have contact with recruiters in order to secure that position that you have always wanted to attain. Start this process with our Career Services Associate as she offers unsolicited advice in regards to your career path as well as feedback on your resume. 

Employers don't like vague applications, let us show you how to demonstrate your passion and knowledge for that particular path.

Click the link below and find out some of the job openings we have available:



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