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Kotlin User Meetup September 2018 Edition: Kotlin JS

Kotlin User Meetup September 2018 Edition: Kotlin JS



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About the Event

Kotlin on the Server, Kotlin on Android, Kotlin on the browser!

Did you know that since version 1.1, the Kotlin compiler has offered a production-grade Kotlin-to-JavaScript transpiler?

Using Kotlin/JS, we can not only use Kotlin for interacting with DOM elements, but can also use Kotlin to communicate with server-side JavaScript such as Node.js!

Join us on Friday 28th September 2018 for the September Edition of Kotlin Meetup from 5:30 pm.

What shall we cover?

In this month's meetup, we'll poke around the Kotlin transpiler and examine the javascript code that gets produced. We will go through several small projects to get a better understanding as to why you might choose Kotlin instead TypeScript or JavaScript for your application.

Nicodemus Ojwee a software developer at Toll and Haben a company in German.

Register here to attend.

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