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An introduction to data visualisation

Data visualization, events in Kampala



Outbox Hub; Plot 23 Lumumba Avenue (Soliz House Level 4)

About the Event

R Kampala will be hosting Nelda Limiliimi this Saturday 24th November 2018, 9am to 12pm at Outbox for a session on how to use data for storytelling using Visualisations. Individuals interested in data or information visualisation, statisticians and data enthusiasts are all invited to attend.

Topics to be covered include;

  • Introduction to information visualisation

    • Promoting insight through information visualisation

    • Common display formats during information visualisation

    • “No-Nos” during information visualisation

  • Good dashboard design

  • Code lab: Using R Libraries to perform information visualisation tasks

The event is free to attend. All you need to have is R installed on your local machine for the code lab.

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