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Intel Artificial Intelligence (AI) Meetup - Uganda

Intel Artificial Intelligence (AI) Meetup - Uganda



Outbox Hub - Lumumba Avenue, Kampala, Uganda

About the Event

Intel will host an AI Meetup in Uganda on 23rd November 2017 at Outbox Hub in Kampala. The purpose of the event is to generate awareness in the Tech Community about Intel AI tools and software. This includes sandboxes and other tools.

What shall we cover?

  • Machine Learning & Deep Learning Fundamentals
  • Applications in Real Life
  • Deep Learning Examples, like Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) for Image Recognition
  • How Intel plans to help developers to improve performance of Machine Learning workloads
  • What frameworks are optimized for Intel Architecture, and how you can get access to them

Target audience

The event is targeted towards data scientists, software developers and artificial intelligence enthusiasts in Uganda.


We shall have speakers from Intel and the AI Research Lab in Makerere University. 

Find more information about what Intel is doing in the AI space here

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