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Facebook DevC Spark AR Masterclass: "AR and Gaming"

Facebook DevC AR MasterClass



Outbox Hub

4th Floor, Soliz House,

Lumumba Avenue, Kampala

About the Event

About the meet-up

Facebook DevC Kampala is hosting a follow-up meetup on the Spark AR Masterclass. In this meet-up, participants will create a simple AR social game that takes face tracking to the next level.In this course, you'll learn the difference between world and local positioning, get an introduction to high fidelity face tracking, and dive into scripting and reactive programming in Spark AR Studio. You'll walk away with a simple AR social game and concepts that are easy to recreate in your own custom game.

Spark AR allows you to create augmented reality features with or without code. You can use it to create experiences, even marketing campaigns by PR agencies.

Key learnings:

Building and importing 3D models, assets, and materials
Audio effects
World vs. local positioning
Face tracking (low vs. high fidelity)
Scripting and reactive programming


Please bring a Mac laptop to the event or come with someone who has one. The software is only Mac enabled.

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