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Web Application Development

This immersive program offers you the foundational skills required to building functional web applications. Learn how to build industry grade web applications through pair programming, mentorship and in-person training.

About the course

We are focused on training the future software developers. In this immersive program, you own your learning. We still provide you with intensive training sessions on web development, pair programming with your cohort and our facilitators, and lots of mentorship.

This course is designed for individuals with limited or no experience in software development. All you need to have is digital literacy skills, understand the language of instruction and be able to create the time.

Web development application curriculum

Foundations of computer science

We go back to the basics of problem solving using computer science. The concepts and principles of software engineering that provide a great foundation on which to develop your skillset

Fundamentals of web development

Learn the basics of HTML and CSS. This will enable you prepare for the deep-dive in web application development


Learn python in 5 weeks. Master the basics of using an object oriented language in the development in web apps.

Building for the next billion

Get to know how to build for the next billion. How might you make your web application easily accessible. We focus on responsive web development, and progressive web apps.

Capstone project

Bring your skills to work on an industry grade project for a whole month. Work in teams to develop your dev-ops skills. You will be talking agile development.

Level Beginner
Duration 12 Weeks of study, 2 ½ hours per day
Language English
Hardware Requirements You'll need a laptop
How to Pass Complete all assignments
Cost UGX 400,000
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