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Civic Technology and Data

We run Civic technology initiatives with various partners to demonstrate the ability of digital tools to support accountability, civic engagement and transparency.

Our civic technology and data initiatives seek to build tools and share knowledge & skills on how civil society can leverage technology to improve public service delivery.

Since 2012, we have been working with various organisations and partners on civic tech. This has ranged from organising open data days, bootcamps to building civic tools. We believe that demonstrating the value of technology.

Why we work with Civic Technology


We believe that equipping citizenry with the knowledge on how to leverage data and civic tools for better service delivery is a starting point in driving adoption of technology.

Open Data

Our bet is that working with civil society organisations and media will open up more data to drive better civic engagement and public service delivery.


We are still using limited data to drive improved decision making for public service delivery. This affects how our resources are utilised. We would like to change that by making data the norm.


We believe that building open and easy to use tools can be leveraged to push for better service delivery.

Our Civic Data initiatives

Manifesto Tracker

Manifesto Tracker

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We are building low-cost open source air quality sensors to support with monitoring of air quality… Read More

Our Civic Tech partners

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