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Low-cost Voice Based Prototyping System - Carnegie Mellon University Africa

Low-cost Voice Based Prototyping System Talk



Outbox Hub

About the Event

Carnegie Mellon University Africa is educating future leaders who will use their hands-on, experiential learning to advance technology innovation and grow the businesses that will transform Africa.

We will be in Kampala recruiting the brightest minds to our masters degree programs in IT and Electrical & Computer Engineering.

Come and meet our faculty and alumni on the 17th of September 2018 at Outbox from 5:30 pm and learn about what it takes to join the community of tech leaders impacting lives in Africa.

As part of this event, we shall have a talk by Prof. Timothy X. Brown, on Low-cost Voice Based Application Prototyping System.

In this talk, we present a voice-based social network application that we are developing as well as an underlying low-cost raspberryPi platform that enables developers to easily create a voice-based application.

Register here to attend. 

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