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GBG Kampala Event for Accountants

On 31st January 2014, Google Business group Kampala held their first event this year at Outbox hub from 10am to 12pm.  The focus of the event was how Google apps can be used in accounting and finance.

The speakers at the Event were; Elijah Kitaka, currently working as an Outreach Program Manager focused on Google Business Groups and Entrepreneurship Support in Sub Saharan Africa. He is also the creator and 9-year presenter of Jazz Evenings, a weekly show on Radio One FM 90, and a co-founder of The Annual Jazz & Soul Safari, a premium sold-out calendar concert now in its 6th year. 

Paul Kaheru, an events manager, currently woking with Dash Events as Business Manager. He is also interested in business and success on the whole.

Richard Zulu, the program manager, Outbox and Stephen Kasenge.

The GBG Kampala event started with an introduction and a welcome address from Paul Kaheru and Richard Zulu, followed by a presentation from Elijah Kitaka on google apps.

Elijah's presentation

In his presentation, Elijah Kitaka took the accountants through the following;

  • Using google apps like calendar, highlighting how easy it is to use, and how the apps help manage time.

  • He went through creating documents editing and using other functionalities like sharing documents with other users

  • Elijah highlighted the need to have a google account and many other benefits.

Some of the questions and concerns of the accountants including the following were also addressed;

  • What if someone (another user) deletes a content?
  • Security of your document in the cloud.
  • How can we track performance of our businesses using google apps?

Stephen Kasenge’s testimony

Stephen Kasenge told the accountants how he got introduced to google through Paul Kaheru who has been his friend for long. He also discussed how friendly the terms of using google apps were so friendly and how it helped him improve his business.

"The more I used it, interacted with it, the more I benefited," said Stephen in one of his statements.

Stephen encouraged accountants and the business community to embrace google apps in order to improve the performance of teir usinesses.

The event was attended by over 30 Accountants.

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