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7th of January: Office Hour day for start-ups and businesses 
"2015 will be a great year to start a business!"
On 7th of January 2015, we shall have consultations centered on target group appealing. How do you better capture your user? Does your design talk to your audience? What are your marketing channels and what is the message of your product or service? Register here

8th of January: DeHang Movie Night - Helvetica
Since we are living in a world where less is more, we need to know how to use typefaces. In order to understand them, we will be watching a story behind the world famous font Helvetica The font that you can see in many Apple products. Helvetica is a widely used typeface developed in 1957 by Swiss typeface designer Max Miedinger. Register here

9th of January: Portfolio Clinic day "New beginning"
An intense portfolio centered day, where every participant gets 30 minutes to consult and discuss their works, get guidance and recommendation for improvements. Register here

13th of January: The Design Event
We will meet up with designers and anyone else interested to discuss DESIGN. The idea behind this event is to analyze why one design works and other doesn’t;  what kind of messages some design elements convey. Register here

These events will be conducted by Jaanus Sakkis our design mentor, a designer and creative director who has done a variety of works around the world from product designs to visual identities, he focuses mainly on branding, startups and UI/UX. Follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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