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KCP Impact To Child - Wamuyu Kago (KCP Parent)

It has indeed been a great and interesting journey with Outbox and the KCP course. Kamal has been very focused and interested in his Saturday classes. He enjoys the lessons very much and looks forward to doing project homework.
He has become more focused at school and his class work has improved. It is no longer a fight for Kamal to do his school homework, and what would take him 1 - 2 hours before is done in 30 - 45 mins so that he can focus on his KCP work.
As a parent, I had imagined that there would be some resistance as Saturday classes interferes with playtime, but Kamal surprised me by being up very early every Saturday such that nothing (read homework) comes between him and his "Computer work". I was surprised by the diligence and thought it would be short-lived once the novelty wore off, but his interest has only increased. 
After class, he does his computer homework and goes to show his friends next door what he has learnt and the progress he has made.
I am grateful to the tutors at Outbox, for your patience and diligence in going through the work with the children and the extra hours you may have had to put in. We shall definitely be back for Part 2. However, i would request that you keep it a holiday program as getting time to come during the school term is quite difficult with the regular Saturday classes at school that are from 7am - 4pm.
KCP teaches a child to think for themselves, to envision and create from their own fantasy. A child learns about possibility. Our education system is geared towards cramming information that a child cannot immediately apply to their lives - mostly. In our public school system, there is hardly any opportunity for the children to explore what could be; the systems are rigid. 
KCP is like work and play, and the child can apply the learning skills to everyday school work.
By Wamuyu Kago (KCP Parent)

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