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The Kids Computer Programming (KCP) - Enroll your Child, Build the Next Generation of Creators

The Kids Computer Programming (KCP) initiative seeks to build the next generation of creators by teaching kids (6-11 years of age) how to build their own games, stories and animations using software. 

The Kids Computer Programming was launched in May 2014, with up to 60 kids benefiting from this initiative ever since then, to include 25 in the previous classes of KCP at different levels (Apprentice and Novice) at Outbox and 35 in one of the International schools in Kampala, and still ongoing.


Register your child here and receive updates on the next class of the KCP.

To qualify to join the class, children should be from 6 to 11 years of ages and able to read and write basic English however, it can also be used by children of younger or older ages. Prior knowledge of working with computers is not a requirement.

This program enables the kids to think creatively, work collaboratively and reason systematically – essential skills for the 21st century.

Our mission is to foster talent among kids in Uganda by exposing them to computer science and building a creative learning community.

What tools do the children use?

To teach programming, we use an application that uses drag-and-drop interfaces with coding blocks. Think LEGO, but with code. In these, the child can pull in code parts to manipulate more than one object (and access more commands, variables, and events) to create animations or games. The application is called Scratch.

How do the Children benefit?

- They learn problem solving, team-work, mechanical and software design fundamentals

- They lean how to use maths, physics, geometry and computer science in real life applications

Why Kids Computer programming

- It is fun, kids love learning how to build things

- It is proven: The content is used around the world to teach young kids. Further to that, the earlier a child is exposed to a given skillset, the better they become at it.

The KCP method

+ Engagements take place once a week, every Saturday, from 10am – 12pm

+ We encourage participants to have their own laptops, this provides an opportunity for them to practice further when out of the sessions

+ We use design to introduce the kids to computational thinking

+ Our classes do not take more than 25 kids

+ Each class lasts 8 weeks, classes include Novice, Intermediate and advanced, therefore, your kids never stops learning.

What are parents saying about Scratch?

“ I advise parents who are interested in the creative development of their children to enrol them in this programme. For the price we pay, the value the children derive is immeasurable.”

– Paul Kaheru, Parent

“It is a good experience for the children because it enables them focus their energies positively when using computers”

– Grace Alande, Parent

Read more experience from previous class

For more information:

Visit www.outbox.co.ug/kcp

Call: +256 7555 10000 or send an email to kcp@outbox.co.ug

Below is a video of what the children and other parents had to say about the K.C.P  program.

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