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The Women Passion program (WOPA): designing with agriculturalists

Two weeks ago, the ladies in our Women Passion program (WOPA) spent a whole weekend visiting low-income farmers in the central region of Uganda. The objective was to carry out interviews and develop an understanding of the challenges they face and access to markets.


WOPA is supported by Google for Entrepreneurs and the WeTech seed fund for Africa.


Designing with the user is a very important aspect to incorporate into one’s workflow as you come up with solutions to challenges. As such, Human centered design is an important component of the training within our program.


The twenty five ladies (25) under our Women passion program spent the weekend of October 18th visiting and interacting with farmers in Matugga. Divided into five (5) groups, the ladies were able to cover more ground with the interviews. Next week, we shall share the insights developed from this process.


We shall spend this week downloading our learnings and synthesising: developing insights from the research carried out.


How can you participate?


Are you interested in participating in the next intake for the Women Passion program, send an email to wopa@outbox.co.ug and let us know.

If you are interested in learning Human Centered design; you can download the toolkit at Open IDEO’s Design Kit website and contribute to IDEO.Org’s Amplify design challenge.


About WOPA

WOPA is an experiential learning program one that seeks to equip women and girls with skills in web programming and entrepreneurship. Each program is 12 weeks and participants receive training in Human Centered design, Lean startup methodology and web based programming languages.


WOPA is supported by Google for Entrepreneurs under the #40Forward and WeTech global under the Seed fund for women + girls in Computer science.

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