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Using User Interface/User experience (UI/UX) design in your startup

Jaanus will be available to offer office hours to startups that have challenges with User Interface and User Experience design. This will start from 3rd November 2014.

This year, Outbox HUB signed a two year partnership with Garage48 that would involve the experteers from Garage48 residing in Kampala and assisting with program management, community building and sustainability. Our next experteer is Jaanus Saakis, a creative director, designer and entrepreneurs based in Estonia.


User experience is the process of enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, ease of use and pleasure provided in the interaction between a customer and your product.


Products, services have become increasingly complex with the advance of technology. Despite all that, everything still hinges on how user perceive it. Is it easy to use? Is it pleasant to use? Does it give me value? This forms the basis on whether they come regular users.

As such, it is important that businesses develop products and services that user will enjoy working with.

Office hours is a component under Outbox EDU that seeks to offer one-to-one support to startups within the community.

This quarter, we shall focus further on User Interface and User Experience design. These sessions will be delivered by Jaanus Sakkis, our experteer from Garage48.

The format for office hours is really simple.


  1. Express interest by signing up within our form here

  2. We reach out to you with details on when our experteer can meet with you for the first session

  3. You have your first session where you further discuss about your startup and UI/UX challenges. During this time, you receive advice, guidance and agree on milestones you will accomplish during this period (that is the quarter for which you participate in the office hours)

  4. You schedule subsequent office hours to track progress and receive further support.


Our office hours are free for community, all we need from you is your determination and dedication.


Who is eligible for Office hours?


  • You should already be working in a startup that has a product. The product

  • You should be willing to commit the next 3 months to engaging within our office hours. You will not be required to work out of Outbox but you should be able to work on your deliverables as agreed

  • Your startup can be working out of Outbox. This opportunity is open to anyone within the Ugandan community

For the first engagements, we only have  2 hours per day between 3rd and 7th November 2014. Please book your slot now.

To know more about Jaanus, you can view our blog post about him


About Garage48 Hub


Garage48 HUB is a community led coworking space in central Tallinn for startups, creative, tech and entrepreneurial people from Tallinn, Estonia and beyond. It's all happening in English @ HUB and international members are very welcome!


The Garage48 Hub and Outbox two year partnership is funded by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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Outbox Hub is a technology space that supports individuals, organisations, techies and entrepreneurs with workspace, mentorship and training programs.


Our mission is to create an entrepreneurial platform for innovation that attracts real talent and creates value where we operate.

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