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Garage48 Kampala 2014 weekend - Who participated and what they did

Garage48 is an event that brings together individuals from various disciplines to work together by building ideas into prototypes over the weekend.

This event brought together up-to 60 individuals working on 10 ideas. The winner for the weekend was Livana, an employee attendance tracking tool for small businesses.


The event was sponsored by the US Mission Uganda, Estonian Development Corporation, Outbox and Syntech associates.

The weekend of October 24th - 26th brought together up-to 60 individuals to work on their own ideas. These were assisted by seven (7) mentors and seven (7) judges.


This event had 23% of the participants female, which was a 53% increase in female participation from our last Garage48 Kampala event in 2011.  The last Garage48 event in 2011 had 15% female participation.


10 ideas competed against each other during the weekend at Outbox Hub. The winning idea was Livana (@livanaapp), a solution from businesses that seeks to solve the pain of manually tracking employee performance.


The first runner-up was Trending shows (@256trendingshow), a television discovery solution based on mining social media conversations and user reviews.


The second runner-up was Agri-trader (@agritrader5), an agricultural  marketplace that seeks to bring buyers and sellers together in order to push for the best prices of produce.


Garage48 made it’s debut in Kampala in 2011, where up-to 60 individuals came together and developed 10 prototypes over the weekend.


The Jury was composed of Drake Patrick Mirembe from Uganda Technology and Management University (UTAMU), Deborah Naatujuna from Resilient Africa Network, Brian Murphy from the US Mission in Uganda, Jüri Kaljundi from Garage48 and Weekdone, Elise Sass from Garage48 and Microsoft, Veli Johan from Weekdone and Richard Zulu from Outbox.


Our mentors included James Muranga from Thoughtworks, Abdu Sekalala from CodeSync, Elise Sass from Garage48 and Microsoft, Jüri Kaljundi from Garage48 and Weekdone, Veli Johan from Weekdone and Jaanus Sakkis from Aplefly.


The participants were encouraged to carry on with their work, seeking guidance from Outbox Hub in order to support them further validate their ideas. We shall share updates on the progress of the teams that move their work forward.


To learn more about the participants for the event, please visit this Garage48 blog. You can also follow the conversation that happened over the weekend using the hashtags #garage48 #Kampala #Outbox

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