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Meet Jaanus Sakkis: Our next experteer from Garage48

This year, Outbox HUB signed a two year partnership with Garage48 that would involve the experteers from Garage48 residing in Kampala and assisting with program management, community building and sustainability. Our next experteer is Jaanus Saakis, a creative director, designer and entrepreneurs based in Estonia.


For the next 3 months, Jaanus Sakkis will be a resident experteer at Outbox HUB. He will assist startups with creative design and also contribute to building the design community within Kampala.


The first Volunteer under this partnership was Helen Kokk, a UI/UX professional resident in Outbox Hub from April - July 2014.


Jaanus follows in Helen’s path as the next experteer.


Jaanus Sakkis is an accomplished creative director, designer and entrepeneur. He is the co-founder and owner of Aplefly Games, one of the largest game studios in Estonia, he is also the founding member of IGDA (International Game Development Association) Estonian branch and Estonian App NGO.


Studying graphic design in Estonian Academy of Arts has made him aware of the deeper scope of symbolism and the power of visual objects. Jaanus learned to thoroughly comprehend the structure of stories and the influence they have on people in his Master's studies in Animation. He was also an acting member of the Academy's Council.


Over ten years of in-depth experience in the field of design has built him a comfort zone that easily includes product, app and service design. He focuses mainly on user experience, target audience - and most of all, on the story behind a product. These days he focuses greatly on the latter, since he finds that the message and visual need to move hand in hand in order to create a whole experience and address the audience by offering them a complete product.


He is an art, photography and hiking enthusiast who, most of all, loves to travel and has never missed an opportunity to broaden his horizon all around the world – may it be India, Cambodia or the far end of Norway, where he learned the various types of ice and snow.


He is a resident in Estonian Garage48 HUB and has participated in numerous Garage48 week-end hackathons both as participant and mentor.


If you are interested in signing up for office hours to engage with Jaanus, please sign up here.


About Garage48 Hub


Garage48 HUB is a community led coworking space in central Tallinn for startups, creative, tech and entrepreneurial people from Tallinn, Estonia and beyond. It's all happening in English @ HUB and international members are very welcome!


The Garage48 Hub and Outbox two year partnership is funded by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs


About Outbox Hub

Outbox Hub is a technology space that supports individuals, organisations, techies and entrepreneurs with workspace, mentorship and training programs.


Our mission is to create an entrepreneurial platform for innovation that attracts real talent and creates value where we operate.

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