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Google For Entrepreneurs week: Startup grind Kampala hosts Mike Moyer

Startup Grind is finally in Kampala. Google for Entrepreneurs and Startup Grind Kampala will host Mike Moyer for it’s inaugural event during the Google For Entrepreneurs week on October 20th 2014 to share on how to split equity fairly between co-founders. Mike Moyer is a career entrepreneur who has started companies, worked for startups, and held senior management positions at established businesses. He is now the managing director at Lake Shark Ventures LLC, a company that provides growth consulting and early-stage investments.


A global startup community designed to educate, inspire and connect entrepreneurs, Startup Grind is finally in Kampala.


What this means is that we shall host one-on-one monthly fireside interviews with the city’s most influential entrepreneurs, CEOs, thought leaders, etc.


October 20th to 25th is the 3rd annual Google for Entrepreneurs Week that we celebrate globally. During this week, Googlers in different cities will work with great startup communities to hold events that listen to, educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs.


As such, our first event will take place on October 20th 2014 during the Google For Entrepreneurs week. We shall be hosting a career entrepreneur, Mike Moyer, the managing director of Lake Shark ventures LLC and author of Slicing Pie: Funding your company without Funds.


Imagine this:You and a partner go in "50/50" on a new startup. You do all the work, he owns half the company. Now what? Slicing Pie outlines a simple method for dividing equity in an early stage company that tells you exactly the right number of shared for each participant. All other methods of dividing up equity create problems - all of them.


This is the perfect event for anyone in the process of starting a company or thinking of doing so. This a hands on event. You will leave with hands on practice on how to split equity amongst co-founders and other contributors. Each attendee will also leave with a copy of Mike's book, Slicing Pie.


Uganda is experiencing a situation where they are very few jobs that will absorb the currently growing young population.  Kampala alone has up-to about 3.5 million people living in and around the center.


This calls for the need to encourage and inspire more entrepreneurs.


The lessons that can be learned from individuals that have experienced it many times is priceless to the entrepreneurs.


You can join the community to learn more about Slicing Pie by reserving your ticket here.


About Google for Entrepreneurs

Google for Entrepreneurs provides financial support and the best of Google's resources to dozens of coworking spaces and community programs across 125 countries. We also create Campuses: physical hubs where entrepreneurs can learn, connect, and build companies that will change the world. To learn more about Google for Entrepreneurs, visit google.com/entrepreneurs or follow us on G+ (+GoogleForEntrepreneurs) and Twitter (@GoogleForEntrep).


About Startup Grind

Startup Grind is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs. It is powered by Google for Entrepreneurs. We host monthly events in more than 100 cities and 42 countries featuring successful local founders, innovators, educators and investors who share personal stories and lessons learned on the road to building great companies. Our monthly fireside chat interviews, startup mixers and annual conferences provide ample opportunities to connect with amazing startups and the people behind them, tap into a strong support network, form meaningful connections and gain inspiration for the startup journey ahead. Started by Derek Andersen and Spencer Nielsen in February 2010 in a small office in Mountain View California, the original goal to bring together friends who would help each other has spread across the world.


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