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The Kids Computer Programming

If you think you might have a future programmer on your hands, it’s time to sign her/him up to the Kids Computer Programming organized by Outbox Hub

Using an MIT Media Lab’s based curriculum named Scratch, the program KCP, is targeted to kids aged seven and up to equip them with software-building concepts like sequence, loops, parallelism, events, conditions, operators etc. If your child can read, understand numbers, and control a mouse, he can probably get started with Scratch. 

At the end of the full curriculum, your budding developer will be rewarded with the fruits of their own creation, a game they can play knowing they made it themselves.

The best part of being part of this programme is the wide range of skills that your child will develop and get to involve, from the left-brain creativity to the right-brain reasoning. It also encourages sharing, collaborating, and learning from others– all additional non-programming skills very useful in the programmer’s world.

With the release of xbox one and playstation 4, there has become an increasing demand for scratch developers on different projects, including simulations and visualizations of experiments, to social sciences animated stories, and interactive art and music. Your child can be the next Bill Gates of this world.


Class 1: 26th April to 14th June 2014

Class 2: 19th July to 6th September 2014

Class 3: 11th October to 29th November 2014


10 am - 12pm every Saturday.

Let us invest in our children and give them a fighting chance to make a real difference in this world. Register or find out more here

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