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NTV Ideas Lab final showcase held at Outbox

On 21st January, Outbox hosted the final showcase for the participants in the NTV Ideas lab. Four teams which were undergoing incubation at Outbox; Kyalo App, Creative DNA, Lacel group and WEA group presented their first solutions and of those, one winner Creative DNA was chosen.

Creative DNA worked on a mobile anroid application for NTV that enables audience engagement and news dissemination where users receive news feed, live program updates and engage in citizen journalism.

The winning team Creative DNA was awarded a cash prize of five million, and will also work with NTV at their offices in Kampala to deploy their prototypes in a real-world broadcast news environment, with expert support from NTV’s own technical and content staff, as well as ongoing external support from the OutBox and Code for Africa tech teams.

The other runners up where also awarded cash prizes ranging from 2.5 to 1 million.

The Ideas Lab was an initiative that sought disruptive innovative digital ideas that would improve the way; news is collected and disseminated, how the media engages with the audience and push for new production and revenue models in media.

The Ideas lab also sought to engage with individuals/Organisations that have ideas that improve delivery platforms, amplify the relevance or usefulness, deepen media understanding of audiences, boost the media resource base by diversifying business models and enhances the impact and self life of news.

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