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Matatu-Thon launch a Success

The KOLA studios on friday 16th August 2013 at Outbox, officially launched the game MATATU;  The launch event was graced by the Airtel UG Managing director V.G Somasekhar.

Matatu. A game started by Terry Karungi and her friends, Daniel Okulina and jasper Onono. Matatu is a two card game based on a popular version of the local game.

A smart intuitive mobile application built for smart phones. Was well attended with over 150 guests and 32 participants engaging in the experience with one winner.

This is what Kalungi the production lead at KOLA studios had to say, “KOLA studios is about getting local content, games and putting them on the digital platform, she further says we study the culture, games played and put it on digital soo that people can keep on playing and those in the Diaspora feel like they are home.”

Onono the program engineer says that the idea came about when him and Okulina were bored at a party so they asked themselves “what we could do at this time they imagined themselves playing cards on their mobile phones during such moments and that’s how the idea came up.”

There are over 22000 players subscribed to play Matatu on all digital platforms.

The key sponsors of the event where Airtel Uganda, Outbox Hub and Huawei Uganda

Guests enjoying the game.

The Managing Director Airtel Uganda in his speech recognized the great work and commended the developers KOLA studios and also said “if you have a great idea and u want help Airtel Uganda will be there to help you, will launch you and back you up.”

The Project Manager at Outbox Richard Zulu had words of praise for Kola studios and says “if you an application developer and you require space and people that will guide and mentor you, OutboxHub will give you the best possible assistance.


Outbox and Airtel both presented a Smart Table with a couple of phones where the guests had the pleasure of playing the application. 

They were lots of prizes to be won i.e. Airtel Modems, T-shirts, and Huawei Transcend Mobile phone.

 The Matatu mobile Application is available for free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store  and also the windows store which means it … available to over 1 billion smart phone users globally. 




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