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Ringier Mentorship and Pitch session at Outbox

Outbox Research: Software Development Community in Uganda

Confident decision-making, is best supported by data that is readily accessible and easy to process. To this end, Outboxresearch would like to invite Software develpopers to participate in our Software Developer survey for the Ugandan Community.

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Last Week's Intel Developer Codefest Event

Last week on Friday 6th December, 2013 Outbox hosted Intel® Developer Zone for the first Android event dedicated to building, re-compiling and boosting apps performance.This event brought together 87 developers into Outbox space, with Ndagire Shakira being one of the few girls who attended the Intel Developer zone codefest for Android last week. Shakira share her experience about the event and programming as seen by most ladies.

Savannah Fund office hours

On Tuesday 3rd December, 2013, Mbwana and Malaika from Savannah fund hosted office hours to interact with resident teams at Outbox.The purpose of the office hours was for the residents to get an understanding on how Savannah fund works and deepen their understanding of the private venture capital area in East Africa.

Uganda at ITU Telecom World 2013

A Ugandan team comprised of representatives from the Ministry of ICT, Uganda Communications Commission, Members of the Parliamentary ICT Committee, and innovators from Outbox, Grameen Foundation, UNICEF, CDFU (Communication for Development Foundation) and Jinja College represented Uganda at the recently concluded ITU telecom world conference in Bangkok from 19th to 22nd November 2013.The event had a number of sessions that included forums, exhibitors and networking.Uganda, with support from the Uganda Communications Commission exhibited a number of Go

Dina Helmy's Visit for breadth Apps closing (Windows Phone)

Dina Helmy a member of the Microsoft team will be coming to Uganda and during the course of this week 25th to 28th November, she and Malisa Langton will visit the innovation hubs and Makerere University with a focused on Windows Phone.Objective:Some of the main objectives of her visit are to enable developers to publish their applications on the store.

The Raspberry Pi/ARM technology workshop

On Saturday 30th November, 2013, Outbox hosted Fredrik Lotter and Ernest Lotter, two brothers both electronic engineers from Blue Horizon embedded with good industry experience, for a practical workshop on ARM Technology.Fredrik and Ernest's visit was to meet up and contribute/help tech communities on the way down on ARM Technology. They offered a talk around the work they have done and shared some knowledge on ARM, ARM processors, the business model and industry revolving around ARM.They also shared a talk on embedded Linux in ARM, including how to create such an environment from Scratch.


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