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ICT4Ag Follow-up Workshop - Agrihack Initiative

Fin4ag14 pre-event

In 2013, CTA organised a pilot regional hackathon in collaboration with various players including the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA). Young aspiring entrepreneurs from East Africa developed ICT applications targeting agriculture.

The winners and some best participants have been incubated for several months in partner ICT innovation centers to fine-tune their products, their business strategies and prepare the roll-out of the applications.

Kids Computer Programming: Building the Next Generation of Creators, one programmer at a time!

The first class getting their hands dirty

The Kids Computer Programming Initiative focuses on teaching children (7-11years) how to write computer programs. The program was launched in April this year and we are enrolling the next class this August. - See more at: - www.outbox.co.ug/kcp

Women Passion Program: My Take so far - Mary Musimire

On 10th June, 2014, 30 ladies started their Journey through the Women Passion Program (WOPA), an experiential based learning program, supported by Google for Entrepreneurs under the #40Forward initiative, that seeks to train women in programming and entrepreneurship skills.

Mary Musimire, a Software Engineering student at Makerere University and one of the participants, shares her learnings in her Article, “Women Passion Program: My Take so far.”

The Kid's Computer Programming KCP: Building the Next Generation of Creators - Terry Karungi

Building the Next Generation of Creators one program at a time!

The Kids Computer Programming Initiative it focuses on teaching  children (7-11years) how to write computer programs. The program was launched in May and I did share my early leanings here in this article and now we will dive a little deeper.

Solve for X Kampala with the Google X Vice President

Outbox is organizing Solve for X Kampala on Thursday July 17th 2014, where we shall host the Vice-president of Google X Megan Smith from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm.

Megan is an entrepreneur, tech evangelist, engineer, catalyst and connector. At Google[x], Megan works on a range of projects including co-creating/hosting SolveForX to encourage and amplify technology-based moonshot thinking and collaboration. 

Kola Studios stands a chance to win $5,000 following their Success Story

GBG: Share your story and inspire others.

Are you using Google to do extraordinary things? Has technology enabled you to start new ventures, grow your business or affect the lives of those around you in a positive way?

Share your story around the world and stand a chance to win $5,000 for your business and, if you are part of one, another $5,000 for your Google Business Group.

Fezah supports Michael Kitanda at Sound Cup Live gig

Michael Kitanda, one of the artists Fezah has supported to launch his solo career performed at a Live Jazz Gig at the Sound Cup. He has received support from fans to produce his first album, Saxfaction. 


Seedstars World Kampala competition Winners

Remit.Ug won the regional round of Seedstars World, a global startup competition for emerging markets and fast-growing startup scenes in 2014.

Kampala, 27th June, 2014:

14 startups competed during the regional event, which was hosted during the afternoon of the 27th of June, at Outbox Hub.

Ensibuuko partners with M-Kopa

Ensibuuko; a start-up at Outbox that leverage on mobile and web technologies to improves the livelihood of smallholder rural farmers in Uganda has signed a contract with M-Kopa, a solar company based in Kenya provide affordable solar kits on Pay-Go (an arrangement that enable farmers to make a deposit of $35 and acquire a solar kit worth $228 which they pay in the period of one year using mobile money).


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