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Garage48 Kampala 2014 - Press Release

Garage48 startup hackathon returns to Kampala, Uganda

To boost the local startup ecosystem the world renowned hackathon series Garage48 will return to Kampala on the weekend of October 24-26th.

Garage48 is an open 48 hour boot-camp event to develop and launch new web and mobile services and startups over a weekend.

The Women Passion program (WOPA): Designing with the user in mind

It is now two weeks since the second cohort of the Women Passion program started their engagement. Last week, it was all about leadership: understanding self and others.

Meet Jaanus Sakkis: Our next experteer from Garage48

This year, Outbox HUB signed a two year partnership with Garage48 that would involve the experteers from Garage48 residing in Kampala and assisting with program management, community building and sustainability.

Google For Entrepreneurs week: Startup grind Kampala hosts Mike Moyer

Startup Grind is finally in Kampala. Google for Entrepreneurs and Startup Grind Kampala will host Mike Moyer for it’s inaugural event during the Google For Entrepreneurs week on October 20th 2014 to share on how to split equity fairly between co-founders.

On Teaching Kids and Programming - Angelo Obel

Over the last 3 weekends I’ve been teaching computer programming  to children aged 6-11 at Outbox. It’s been a wonderful experience so far and the kids too seem to enjoy it as well. In thinking more about it though I realised that beyond the fun and games(we are actually teaching the kids to build computer games), the children are getting a lot more than some of their parents or even some of us teaching may initially realise.

Sneaking in complexity

ICT for agriculture, a review of Ensibuuko’s incubation

Ensibuuko is a web and mobile application that enables savings and credit cooperative societies (SACCOs) of smallholder  rural farmers mobilise savings, receive and disburse loans easily and quickly using SMS and Mobile money.

The WOPA program demystified technology for me

Laura Walusimbi is a journalist with over 15 years experience. I worked with the Daily Monitor for two years. I then started a newspaper with a couple of other journalists.

Student/Research Projects for TechCon 2014: Call for Submissions

A call for submission of projects for consideration to participate in the TechCon2014 2014 Innovation Marketplace.

The Innovation Marketplace showcases Concepts, Research, and Innovations of HESN-affiliated students and post-doctoral researchers as well as those of young innovators in the international development community.

WOPA: My Experience with the Program - Anita Asiimwe

Anita is currently pursuing her MBA from Heriot-Watt University. She received her BSc. in Computer Science from Makerere University and earned her first job with Warid Telecom working as a Business Intelligence Analyst.

Anita also worked with MTN Uganda, for 4 years as a Systems Financial Analyst and later joined Ministry of Health, where she has been for past few months involved in the National Health Insurance Project.


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