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PIVOT East Champions


Ugandan PIVOT East Finalists undergo Training, Coaching and Mentorship

During the past few days, the Finalist of PIVOT East from Uganda have been undergoing training, coaching and mentorship from two (2) experts in startups and entrepreneurship with support from Outbox. Outbox is a co organizing partner of PIVOT

UCC and MTN Uganda Partner with Pivot East 2013

Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), is a body that regulates the communications and broadcasting sector in Uganda has sponsored Pivot East 2013. Uganda Communications Commission has played a major role in spurring the growth of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Uganda.

DEMO Africa 2013

i) What is DEMO Africa

Girls in ICT Day

Nigeria invests $1 Billion in New ICT Incubation Centers

The Nigerian Government has provided $1 Billion (2.5 Trillion UGx) for the construction of incubation centers all over the country to encourage growth in their local software content. The Minister of Communications Technology, Omobola Johnson, said the objective was to create 25 successful Information Communication Technology (ICT) firms by 2015.

Code8 wins Imagine Cup Uganda finals

Code8  presented Matibabu, which is an app that diagnoses malaria without pricking any body part. The team of four, explained how this can be done by passing red light through the skin. When its reflected back into their proto-type the electromagnetic waves of the patient's blood can be compared to those produced by a healthy person, and this will produce readings that show that the patient has malaria. 

Community Manager internship

Outbox is looking for a Community Manager. The details about this position are below:

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